Further investments and an increase of variable fee

In order to remain a competitive pool operator the variable fee for Zetetic Stake Pool (#1) has remained at 1% for the last 4 months, and though after costs there is some profit, to remain a viable business further investment is required in turn requiring increased income. It was hoped that, rather than increasing the…
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16 March 2021 0

Increase of variable fee to 1%

As of 6th December 2020 when the ‘k’ parameter is set to 500, Zetetic Stake Pool will be within saturation levels. In response the variable fee will be increased to 1% to become active on the epoch starting 11th December. I’d like to thank all delegators for supporting this pool and hope that you’ll remain…
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1 December 2020 0

Responding to change of k on 6th December

From the 6th December 2020 the ideal number of stake pools, also known as ‘k’, will be increasing from the current value of 150 to 500. In doing so the saturation level will decrease from approximately 207M ADA to 64M ADA. As of writing this blog article, Zetetic Stake Pool has just over 61M ADA…
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23 November 2020 0

Ranking on Daedalus Flight 2.2

At time of writing, Zetetic Stake Pool is ranked at position 12 within the Stake Pools Delegation Center of Daedalus Flight version 2.2. Delegation of ADA has now plateaued but once parameters such as a0 (pledge incentive factor) and k (ideal number of saturated pools) change over the coming weeks, or IOG redistribute their own…
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22 August 2020 0

A call to improve upon decentralisation

One of the stake pool operators [FANCY] has been sharing this interesting diagram revealing the top stake pool operators. Many of these top stake pools have some of the highest margins. Please support the smaller stake pool operators by moving your delegation. In many cases you’ll receive greater rewards and the Cardano system will become…
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12 August 2020 0

Lightning Stake Pool

Having listened to his dad about cryptocurrencies for the last few years, not to mention having to wait for his food to be cooked whilst I maintain this stake pool, my son has decided that he can do a better job; we then discussed if he would like his own stake pool to show me…
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8 August 2020 0

Margin set to 0% until saturation

Whilst pool operators aren’t generating blocks and the Daedalus client ranking remains random, I’ve set the pool margin to 0% to encourage adoption and further delegation. Once and only once saturation is reached, I will start increasing margin from 0% to 1%, though delegators will be warned at least 2 epochs in advance.

4 August 2020 0