Lightning Stake Pool

Lightning Stake Pool

8 August 2020 Uncategorised 0

Having listened to his dad about cryptocurrencies for the last few years, not to mention having to wait for his food to be cooked whilst I maintain this stake pool, my son has decided that he can do a better job; we then discussed if he would like his own stake pool to show me how it’s done.

He’s called it Lightning Stake Pool, ticker LIGHT, and it’s ready to be delegated to. Lightning Stake Pool will of course be operated by myself and will be deployed on the same infrastructure as Zetetic Stake Pool and will therefore benefit from the same high-availability and reliability.

The cost of the setup of the pool and the pledge were all paid for by my son and therefore he will receive 100% of the rewards that his pool generates, assuming anybody wishes to delegate their ADA. As we’re now in competition, this is the only promotion I will give, the rest is down to him!

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